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Call for action against black mould in UK homes


PCRS welcome the verdict of the inquest into the death of 2-year-old Awaab Ishak in Rochdale in 2020. The Coroner’s finding that his exposure to the black mould in his rented home caused his death from acute airway oedema with severe granulomatous tracheobronchitis represents a landmark moment in the fight to protect UK children from the effects of poor housing conditions.

Damp and mould are major contributors to indoor air pollution and are known to cause and worsen respiratory illness. The Coroner’s finding of a direct causal link to Awaab’s death represents a call to action for everyone working in social housing, social care and health. Finding ways to identify and mitigate the serious health consequences of black mould and indoor air pollution must be an urgent health and social care priority.

For guidance on improving indoor air quality in healthcare settings and supporting patients in understanding and minimising their exposure see our article Reducing indoor and outdoor air pollution in healthcare settings.