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Easter Heroes: a huge thank you to PCRS members!


Carol Stonham, PCRS Executive Chair was delighted to receive a letter today from Kay Boycott, the Asthma UK and BLF CEO thanking PCRS members for working throughout the Easter Weekend.

In Kay’s words ‘’On behalf of the 1 in 5 people living with respiratory conditions, we would like to thank every single person who worked in GP surgeries and medical centres across the UK, throughout the Easter weekend, to track down the names and addresses of those people who urgently needed a shielding letter. We know that GPs, nurses, pharmacists and admin support staff needed to work all last week and throughout the Easter weekend to check their patient lists were updated, recode people and issue almost 2 million letters across the UK. These letters allow people to access vital government assistance including food and volunteer support, which will allow them to stay at home. Shielding will save lives, but it is only possible now this huge administrative task is complete. A big thank you to all of you’’

Carol says, ‘’I talk to so many colleagues who are feeling under-valued because they aren’t perceived as frontline. We are all equally important in this. A small percentage of patients need acute ITU interventions but they all need continuing care. The majority stay away from the gowned and masked but need to know regular healthcare continues. There should be no guilt, it is an integrated team effort and it was lovely to get some recognition of that.”