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We have issued pragmatic guidance for the routine and crisis management of patients with asthma and COPD during the UK Covid-19 epidemic.

The Fit to Care document was initially developed to guide and support clinicians working with patients with respiratory disease. Since it’s first publication primary care has seen huge changes in the dynamics of the workforce providing this care.

Given the direct impact of COVID-19 on those with existing breathing difficulties, the ‘newly breathless’ – those whose lung function has been impaired by Covid – as well as rising levels of air pollution, the need for social prescribing solutions in respiratory healthcare has never been greater.

Virtual consultations, virtual wards and virtual pulmonary rehab have enabled continued safe patient – practitioner interaction during the COVID-19 pandemic and looks set to remain in place due to clear benefits in terms of protecting vulnerable patients from unnecessary infection or travel, keep

Many of us have embraced digital learning over the past two years – attending online conferences, workshops and events. There is no doubt that digital learning is here to stay. But how do we maintain quality, how do we keep people engaged.

Part of our Digital Technology Webinar Series 2022, exploring the ethics and inequalities of digital technology

This 'Get Winter Wrapped' issue focuses on the twin challenges of winter pressures and coping with COVID-19.  

Digital health has come to the fore with the COVID pandemic.  Some apps and digital strategies are welcome and we wish we had adopted them years ago – other initiatives are not so effective and we have concerns about how they will affect the healthcare we provide.  There are many apps,

Jane Scullion (Respiratory Nurse Consultant, University Hospitals of Leicester) joins Dr Steve Holmes (General Practitioner, Somerset) to discuss Post COVID Syndrome, its symptoms,  diagnosis and management in this latest episode of the PCRS podcast.

Jane Scullion and Dr Steve Holmes return to discuss the topic of shielding and whether its legacy has been predictable and the longer term impact of deconditioning on respiratory health.

Dr Steve Holmes and Jane Scullion discuss the  challenges of diagnosing COPD in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic. How can we best pick up those patients who have developed COPD, should we be using spirometry? Grab a coffee, put your feet up and listen in.

Technology has enabled practices to gather enormous amounts of data but the data is only valuable when it is used, interpreted and applied to help make things better. However, data, dashboards and numbers can be overwhelming.

Digital technology offers all sorts of exciting opportunities and has the potential to bring about many benefits to healthcare. However, its success relies on patients being able to access technology, feeling comfortable using it, and clinicians also having appropriate access and training.

Originally presented at the PCRS Respiratory Conference 2021 David Baldwin presents on "What's Happened to Lung Cancer since COVID? How to Spot that 1 Patient per Year with Lung Cancer"

PCRS have developed this Quality Improvement Tool to help commissioners, providers and healthcare professionals overcome challenges in variation of care and help to practically demonstrate what excellence is.