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New resources to support self-management

The British Lung Foundation (BLF) and Asthma UK have published two new resources that healthcare professionals can use to encourage patients with COPD and asthma to self-manage their condition.

Self-management pack

  • The BLF’s new self-management pack for healthcare professionals, which has been endorsed by PCRS-UK, contains a self-management plan which covers everything from coping with feeling out of breath, support to quit smoking, ways to keep active, and help to set goals.  There is also an exercise handbook which provides a practical guide to exercise.

Asthma action plan

  • Asthma UK has updated their written adult asthma action plan to make it more concise, easier to follow and fill in. It now includes some extra space for healthcare professionals to add details about specific medicines. The guidance about what counts as an asthma emergency has also been updated.

PCRS-UK supports self-management for people with long term respiratory conditions. The winter 2017 issue of Primary Care Respiratory Update contains a wealth of information and practical advice about supporting patients with self-management.

Highlights include:

PCRS-UK Chair Dr Noel Baxter says: “I am delighted to recommend these excellent materials co-created with people who live with asthma and COPD. Good diagnosis, individualised care and use of high value interventions will only ever happen if we work with the people who need them in a more productive way. Use and signpost to these guides in your day to day practice.”

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