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It is not a tick box template – all consultations with patients should be approached holistically and tailored specifically to the patient’s needs, requirements and other co-morbidities and situations.

e have issued pragmatic guidance for the routine and crisis management of patients with asthma and COPD during the UK Covid-19 epidemic.

Asthma Guidelines in Practice – A PCRS Consensus is a practical and pragmatic guide for healthcare professionals working in primary and intermediate care.  This guide was commissioned to provide clarity on aspects of diagnosis, management and monitoring of asthma that are uncertain

In this podcast we will hear Darush Attar-Zadeh a community pharmacist, PCRS Executive Committee Member, and Asthma Right Care specialist, undertaking a follow up consultation with asthma patient Nicky Coote.

In this short episode Jane Scullion and Dr Steve Holmes discuss the use of rescue packs in asthma and COPD.  They challenge current views and perceptions on the use of rescue packs and explore the evidence around their use.