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It is not a tick box template – all consultations with patients should be approached holistically and tailored specifically to the patient’s needs, requirements and other co-morbidities and situations.

We have issued pragmatic guidance for the routine and crisis management of patients with asthma and COPD during the UK Covid-19 epidemic.

Asthma Guidelines in Practice – A PCRS Consensus is a practical and pragmatic guide for healthcare professionals working in primary and intermediate care.  This guide was commissioned to provide clarity on aspects of diagnosis, management and monitoring of asthma that are uncertain

 Asthma Network Conference 2024This one-day asthma conference targets key areas where improvement in practice can relieve morbidity and safeguard all ages of patients 

Dr Steve Holmes (GP and PCRS Executive Sub-committee member) is joined by Ren Lawlor (Advanced Nurse Practitioner and PCRS Executive Committee Vice-Chair) to begin important discussions around what a good asthma review for your patients looks, sounds and feels like.

In this article, the authors review evidence, guidance and current practice to provide a consensus approach to calculating and interpreting peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) variability and reversibility from peak flow diary recordings for asthma diagnosis.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday 15th May 2024 at 19:00 for 90 minutes.

In light of recent media attention, it is important to consider the risks and benefits associated with prescribing and taking montelukast for asthma treatment. While montelukast remains a valuable asthma treatment, for some, it is key to be aware of potential neuropsychiatric reactions.

Our second webinar in this series was held on Wednesday 28th February 2024.  Chaired by Dr Katherine Hickman (our PCRS Executive Chair), in conversation with Dr Mark Levy on the subject of asthma management, focusing on SABA over-reliance and how to address it.