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Top tips to help you save money for your next conference


Did you wish you had attended the 2023 conference but simply couldn’t afford it? Were you unable to get the time off as your colleague was already booked for annual leave? When you looked into it the train fare and hotel prices were they way too expensive?

If you were fortunate enough to attend the 2023 PCRS conference we hope it lived up to your expectations, that you felt that your pennies were well spent and you are already thinking of joining us next year. If you couldn’t make it, or have never been before, we hope you will also consider joining us for 2024. We appreciate that the cost of a conference, the travel and accommodation can be overwhelming and very often by the time you decide you want to go the costs are prohibitive.

Our vision for 2024 is to expand and elevate the experience even further. We're committed to making it as affordable as possible, ensuring that a greater number of you can join us on this exciting journey.

The first thing to do is get the dates in your diary - 19th to the 21st September 2024 - and book your annual leave now.

Here are 10 top tips to help you save money for your next conference:

🪙 Take the 1p Challenge

Start by saving 1p on the first day, 2p on the second day, and so on. By the end of the year, you’ll have saved around £650! It’s a small daily commitment that can lead to significant savings.

📥 Use a money saving jar

Designate a jar as your conference fund and regularly contribute spare change or small amounts. Watching the jar fill up can be motivating and make saving feel more tangible.

💷 Set up a direct debit

Automate your savings by setting up a direct debit to transfer a fixed amount from your current account to a savings account each month. This way, you save without even thinking about it.

🛌 Book your hotel early

Accommodation costs can skyrocket closer to the conference date. Book your hotel as soon as possible to secure the best rates and avoid last-minute price hikes.

🤝 Speak to local pharmaceutical company representative

Local pharmaceutical company representatives often have access to conference discounts or sponsorships. Reach out to them to inquire about any available opportunities.

☕ Can you give up a coffee a day?

Small daily expenses like buying coffee can add up. Consider making coffee at home and putting the money you would have spent into your conference savings.

☎️ Ask your local training hub

If you are a nurse working in Primary Care you are eligible for up to £300 each year study leave funding. Certainly in West Yorkshire, a number of delegates used this route to fund their conference attendance this year. The process was seamless. Reach out to your local training hub to explore any financial assistance available.

🚂 Book your travel early

Set a reminder on your phone to look at train prices 12+ weeks before the conference. Travelling by train is not only better for the environment than driving but also allows you to read, relax, read a book or catch up with work while travelling. Be sure to book after 1 pm for your return journey so you can attend the full conference and be in with a chance to win a free place at the 2025 Conference!

🐦 Look out for our early bird discounts

We always offer discounted rates for early registrations. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and register early to save on entry fees.

🏠 Explore alternative accommodations

Consider staying in budget hotels, hostels, or Airbnb to save on accommodation costs. You might also find fellow attendees looking for roommates to share costs.

By implementing these tips, you can accumulate savings and make attending your desired conference a financial reality.

Happy saving 🙂

Katherine Hickman,

PCRS Executive Chair

Download and share our top tips infographic

PCRS top tips infographic.

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