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Did you wish you had attended the 2023 conference but simply couldn’t afford it? Were you unable to get the time off as your colleague was already booked for annual leave? When you looked into it the train fare and hotel prices were they way too expensive?

David Barber, Trainee Advanced Practitioner / Respiratory Physiotherapist

When a patient is diagnosed with asthma they are starting on a journey. A journey that for the majority will last a lifetime. If that patient starts off on the wrong foot and travels down the wrong path it is unlikely to be a smooth one. They may feel alone, confused, scared and unsupported.

Professor Mike Morgan is an Honorary Professor at the University of Leicester and was formerly the National Clinical Director for Respiratory Services in England. He gave us his view on the recent policy changes around asthma care in the UK, and how things need to change in the future.

Dr Alistair JA Duff is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and is Honorary Clinical Associate Professor at the University

Dr Linda Edwards is the Chief Executive of Education for Health and she discussed the need for simplicity in the tools fo

Professor Hilary Pinnock is Professor of Primary Care Respiratory Medicine at the University of Edinburgh and Lead on the

Darush Attar-Zadeh is a community pharmacist and Executive Committee member of the Primary Care Respiratory Society.

How can primary care help schools manage asthma better?

Dr Katherine Hickman, GP, Vice-Chair of the Primary Care Respiratory Society, and Primary Care Lead for the National Asth

Monica Fletcher OBE and Advocacy Lead at the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research