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Want to go to a respiratory congress?


Scientific Mentorship Programme

PCRS has launched a Scientific Mentorship Programme to give aspiring respiratory practitioners and researchers an introduction to the world of major respiratory congresses.

The course, an introduction to, and part of the PCRS Clinical Leadership Programme, will provide a supported environment in which candidates will be able to experience a major scientific congress, learn how to make the most of the event, evaluate the learning and share it with others.

This is an opportunity to:

  • Participate in a major respiratory conference
  • Discuss current role and leadership/career development opportunities with other participants and group leaders
  • Discuss the current healthcare environment and its impact on respiratory disease
  • Network and develop contacts within the conference
  • Discuss and highlight the importance of patient outcomes
  • Present findings from the conference through existing PCRS programmes and with local colleagues.

Successful candidates will be given the opportunity to experience the European Respiratory Society annual congress and/or the British Thoracic Society Winter meeting in 2019. 

Eligible applicants must:

  • Be a member of PCRS at the time of application and throughout the duration of the programme
  • Be able to demonstrate a commitment to leadership through their work or be involved with the PCRS Respiratory Clinical Leadership Programme and/or the PCRS academic research network.
  • Not have previously attended a major respiratory conference (excluding the PCRS Respiratory Conference)
  • Have a proven commitment to leadership or a track record of developing a leadership role
  • Be working in primary, community or an integrated care setting

Carol Stonham, PCRS Executive Chair Elect, says:  “This is a fantastic opportunity to attend a busy international and national conference. Being able to discuss sessions, pick up ideas to improve practice, and develop a passion for new evidence as it is emerging, will reset your compass and ignite your leadership potential beyond what is possible during routine clinical update sessions. 

Expect to see a more positive approach to your Personal Development Plan through setting yourself new goals. It is a rare chance to attend then compare and contrast the differences between the conferences and to cascade your learning within your practice setting and well beyond.”

Apply by July 5 to be considered for a place


PCRS is grateful to GlaxoSmithKline for the provision of sponsorship of this scientific mentorship programme.  The programme has been solely organised by PCRS.