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This resource has not been reviewed within the last three years to reflect up to date clinical guidelines and should be referenced with care.

Emergency MDI and spacer packs for asthma and COPD

Dr Duncan Keeley and Prof Martin Partridge have set out that there are advantages of separating out the routine inhaled treatment of asthma and COPD from that needed in more acute situations. PCRS supports the further development and evaluation of the proposal that patients with asthma and COPD who have had an exacerbation or are at risk of having one, should be given an emergency treatment pack consisting of a spacer and the appropriate MDI/MDIs according to whether they have asthma (salbutamol and high dose beclomethasone) or COPD (salbutamol). PCRS agrees that the emergency treatment packs must be provided with comprehensive and easily understood written and pictorial self-management plans and instructions.