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🔴 This is an archived resource.

This resource has not been reviewed within the last three years to reflect up to date clinical guidelines and should be referenced with care.

Self-care during COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic is causing disruption and challenges across the whole of society not least the NHS, on an unprecedented scale. In these challenging times one cannot over stress the importance of taking time out look after yourselves and your team. When we are working flat out to meet unprecedented demands and covering for colleagues who are unwell, and the challenges and changes in family life, its only too easy to overlook our own care and wellbeing.  We know what we should do, and we are good at make sure our patients are doing it but finding time and resources to look after ourselves often comes bottom of the list.

In order to make it easier to find resources to protect our mental health, to cope with working from home without the support of colleagues or needing to find a way to normalise after hours on the frontline, PCRS has compiled a collection of suggestions and online resources to support you.

Mindful Movement Practice, with Kate Binnie
from the PCRS Respiratory Conference 2020