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Ardens FeNO data collection template

Ardens, providers of TPP SystmOne and EMIS Web templates and resources, have created templates to support the use of FeNO testing.

These templates are only available to EMIS and TPP users – they are not available to MicroTest and Vision users. See the FeNO toolkit for Excel based alternatives.

This guide describes:

  1. Purpose of the templates
  2. Supporting Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  3. Cost (free of charge)
  4. Contents of templates
  5. How to download the templates
  6. Searches
  7. The data submission process
  8. How to access support
  9. Further FeNO resources

1. Purpose

These templates have been created to:

  • Support data collection for Pathway Transformation Fund projects (both open and bundle awards) and project impact evaluation
  • Enable general data collection for any practice wishing to use FeNO testing – regardless of whether they are part of a Pathway Transformation Fund project.

2. Supporting Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

To support data sharing, AHSN Network have made a DPIA template available to download via the FeNO toolkit (from the Toolkit’s Ardens page). 

This template should be completed locally and a decision made to share the data via your existing IG governance routes.

3. Costs

Available free of charge to all EMIS and TPP users, regardless of whether a user is an existing Ardens customer or not (Made available via the national FeNO programme).

4. Template contents

There are three core pages to the template:

  • Diagnosis
  • Follow-up
  • Resources

5. How to download the templates

If the practice is already using Ardens then:

  • the FeNO test template can be accessed easily by either searching for it in the bottom left of SystmOne or by pressing F12 and adding it to your favourites. Further guidance
  • For Resource Publisher practices: the FeNO template will already be available on your system, by using ‘Run template’ and searching for FeNO.
  • For Template Manager practices: the template will be installed with the next system update, but if you wish to access the current version (v15.4) more quickly, you can do so by downloading from

If the practice is not already using Ardens then:


6. Searches

Accompanying searches have been developed by Ardens to enable access to the data and reporting.  

  • Access by going to “Clinical Reporting > Ardens > Tests > FeNO Test” to access some reports to review FeNO test activity over the last year.
  • For Ardens subscribers, you can access the searches by downloading from The folder you need to download is entitled “1.6 Ardens Miscellaneous Review Searches (v3.0)” – the FeNO searches are a subfolder within this.
  • For non-Ardens subscribers, the searches to download (from are entitled “FeNO searches (v1.0)”.

7. The data submission process

Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) Pathway Transformation Fund (PTF) projects are asked to submit data collected via the Ardens templates to NHS England on a quarterly basis as part of their project participation. Projects will also be expected to use this data (Plus any other relevant data described in your bid) as part of their end project report.

Data use – NHS England will use the data as part of project impact reporting. NHS England will share the data publicly, but all data will be anonymous and aggregated (i.e. number of FeNO tests per month).   

Submission process:

  1. Run the searches (all searches)
  2. Export the data from your system (TPP or EMIS) and save the files as Excel or .CSV files
  3. Send via NHS.NET email (only) to

Please use the subject “FeNO quarterly data – Quarter [x] – [your site name]”

8. Support

TPP - Ardens have developed a support article to accompany the templates.

EMIS - EMIS support article

9. Further FeNO resources

This guide, the resources named above, and all other FeNO toolkit materials can be accessed via the Wessex AHRN FeNO toolkit.