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Clinical pathways, guidelines, and guidance for FeNO

Developed by Wessex AHSN, here you can find useful links to FeNO Guidance for the diagnosis and treatment of asthma

NICE guidance is integral to the clinical care that we offer as Health Care Professionals (HCPs). It is important to consider the evidence bases for all pathways, tests and procedures that we undertake.

NICE has produced an interactive pathway on their website to guide clinical teams, along with comprehensive guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of asthma. It is important to familiarise ourselves with this work prior to any clinical development projects.

In November 2017, NICE published Asthma: diagnosis, monitoring and chronic asthma management (NG80). In this clinical guideline, FeNO is recommended for use in the diagnosis of asthma in adults and for consideration in certain children over 5 years old. You can review the wider NICE pages on Asthma diagnosis by visiting the NICE website:

NICE has also provided resources and tools that complement their Asthma Guidelines.

For specific guidance on use of FeNO in diagnosis of asthma you can review NICE Diagnostic Guidance 12 (DG12 - Measuring fractional exhaled nitric oxide concentration in asthma)

The NHS England/Improvement South West Respiratory Clinical Network has developed a pragmatic guide for those introducing the use of FeNO to their practice.

Please note the Wessex AHSN FeNO programme does not endorse this guide, but is sharing it as one example of a guide for others considering a similar document.
Thank you to the NHSEI South West Respiratory Clinical Network for sharing this example of their work.