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Myth #4 “I’m just allergic to some things...otherwise I’m ok”

The truth is avoiding 'triggers' can reduce symptoms and taking a blue inhaler, can help to provide short-term relief but they don’t address the underlying problem - inflammation.

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Frances explains how some people with asthma view their symptoms as an unavoidable part of the condition - leading them to avoid triggers, such as exercise and pets. Frances emphasizes that harnessing patients’ knowledge of their triggers and educating them in effective asthma management will enable them to take part in all aspects of life.

Some patients think their asthma is only triggered by certain events – pollen, exercise or pets for example, but otherwise they’re ok. 

The truth is, in patients with asthma, inflammation is present in the airways is like a rumbling volcano, and it can erupt at any time, but using a regular inhaled steroid can help to keep this eruption from happening.

Frances Barrett
Respiratory nurse specialist