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The fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) test measures the level of NO in the exhaled breath and provides an indication of eosinophilic inflammation in the lungs.

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Type: PCRS Position Statement Clinical Area: Other Status: Current

PCRS welcomes the opportunity that digital respiratory healthcare and the collection and analysis of respiratory data could bring. However, new technology for use in primary care must be interoperable with current patient consultation and management systems, should not be mandated for patients and should be an option as part of shared decision making. New respiratory digital health interventions must, as well as being clinically and cost effective also preferentially attend to the factors that currently maintain respiratory health inequality.

Type: PCRU Clinical Area: COPD, Respiratory tests and investigations Status: Current

Spirometry is a component of the diagnosis and management of respiratory conditions in primary care and should ideally be performed via referral to a primary care network respiratory diagnostic service or community diagnostics centre (CDC) with expertise in the diagnosis of the most common respiratory conditions and of less common diagnoses. Where limited resources create a challenge for testing everyone with a new suspected diagnosis of asthma, those with an intermediate probability should be prioritised for spirometry and also FENO where available.

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A new report is showcasing the impact of a national AHSN Network programme to improve access to FeNO testing for asthma diagnosis. Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) tests are simple, non-invasive tests to support the diagnosis of asthma. During the two-year programme an estimated 58,000 new asthmatics received a faster, more accurate diagnosis through the use of FeNO testing with an additional 1,200 devices entering use in primary care in England.

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To consider how and when we use FeNO testing, we need to go to the definition of asthma. Both BTS/SIGN1 and GINA2 define it as a predominantly inflammatory disorder of the airways with airway hyperresponsiveness and variability in symptoms. Nitric oxide is a gas involved in the respiratory process and is present in the atmosphere in very small amounts (parts per billion). It can be easily measured in exhaled breath using a fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) test.

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These products are referenced in more detail in NICE Diagnostic Guidance 12 (DG12)

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Help to construct your business case to enable sustainable adoption of FeNO and also to think about areas of funding that might not have been considered

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This FeNO training package consists of 2 educational modules, primarily targeted at a primary care audience, however any health professional may complete this course.