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On Demand ARC Webinar: How to convert 'Reactive to Proactive' asthma management

In association with Sandoz, we are delighted to be hosting this webinar series on asthma care

In the second of our new series of insightful webinars, Frances Barrett will share how to convert 'Reactive to Proactive' asthma management.

Learning outcomes for this webinar will include;

  • Asthma 'a long term condition' - what does this mean?
  • Education before medication - asthma's underlying pathophysiology is inflammation - like a rumbling volcano - how should this be addressed long term?
  • Safe and effective asthma management - dampening down the underlying 'volcanic' inflammation - to help prevent an eruption
  • Aim to keep our asthma patients away from the 'Cliff Edge' and STOP chasing symptoms by using a 'finger in the dyke' approach - which signifies DANGER
  • Understand why SABAs are 'Blue light' emergency medications and not asthma 'management medication'
  • Support asthma patients to be symptom free  - unchain them - set them free


This non-promotional webinar has been sponsored by Sandoz who have had no editorial input into the presentation. At the end of the webinar, there will be a short promotional session from Sandoz.

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Speaker: Frances Barrett

Frances has worked in the respiratory arena for over 20 years, initially as a long term conditions (LTC) nurse specialist with responsibility for long term respiratory conditions amongst other long term conditions in general practice, then as a respiratory nurse specialist setting up and running a community based pulmonary rehabilitation programme before taking up a respiratory care advisor’s position with a pharmaceutical company.
Offering over twenty years clinical and teaching experience in the diagnosis, assessment and management of Respiratory Conditions within primary care

Chair: Daryl Freeman

Daryl Freeman was a GP  in North Norfolk. In November 2017 she left General Practice to become an Associate Clinical Director for Norfolk Community Health & Care. Her roles within the Trust are to work with the emerging PCNs to provide care for elderly patients across Norfolk.
She is also Chair of the Norfolk & Waveney Right Care Respiratory Working Group.
As a result of Covid much of the strategic work has taken a back seat as developing 6 IP Units to cope with the pandemic took priority.
In her spare time Dr Freeman rides and competes her three horses and looks after her two dogs. She combines her work and hobby by providing medical care to National and International Equestrian Events.

Sandoz, a division of the Novartis Group, has been in the respiratory market in the UK for the last 7 years. As part of their commitment to the respiratory therapy area, they continue to invest in improving asthma care by supporting education for healthcare professionals.