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Good Asthma Review

In this article first published in Primary Care Respiratory Update in 2016 as a poster for primary care and updated for asthma in November 2019 we discuss the building blocks of a good asthma review focusing on:-

  • Assessing control to target care
  • Reviewing diagnosis and management
    • Confirmation of  diagnosis
    • Previous medical history
    • Patient understanding
    • Checking inhaler technique
    • Discussing and reviewing adherence to therapy
    • Checking smoking status and offering appropriate smoking cessation advice where appropriate
    • Reviewing lifestyle and asthma triggers
    • Reviewing other conconitant conditions
    • Reviewing treatment in line with national guidance
    • Reviewing and discussing asthma action plan
    • Tailoring asthma action plan to meet patient's needs and setting agreed goals
    • Utilising Asthma Right Care tools to assess reliance on short-acting beta-2-agonsts