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What three things?

Professional support and development

The Fit to Care document was initially developed to guide and support clinicians working with patients with respiratory disease. Since it’s first publication primary care has seen huge changes in the dynamics of the workforce providing this care. The document now applies equally to doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, paramedics and other allied healthcare professionals involved in the care of people with respiratory conditions. 

As this diversity of healthcare professionals continues to grow within primary care, it is essential that those who have responsibility for the delegation and supervision of clinical interactions between members of staff and patients, not only have sufficient knowledge and expertise to do so safely, but are also willing to provide education, updates, and support to ensure accurate approaches to safe practice.

In the last issue of Primary Care Respiratory Update we introduced a new section called What Three Things where we introduce three areas of work that can be supported with clinical supervision, whole team meetings or protected learning times.

In this issue the three areas of work we will cover are: 

  1. Vaccine Hesitancy
  2. Deteriorating indoor air quality during winter
  3. Who on Your Practice List will be Homeless this Winter?