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Respiratory Researchers

Aspiring and Inspiring Respiratory Researchers

Working together for research to change practice: partnership with patients and colleagues - 27th September 2018 - Telford International Centre

Are you a researcher in respiratory primary care?

Calling early and mid-career academic researchers to this pre-conference workshop

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With an innovative programme full of practical advice and support by experts in primary care respiratory research, this workshop is ideal for networking and learning how to turn your ideas into structured research projects suitable for publication in scientific journals, whatever the scale of your funding and resources.  This year's focus is on patient partnerships and collaborative working, with sessions on how to incorporate patients into research and how to collaborate well. The workshop will be facilitated by some of the leaders in primary care respiratory research in the UK including Professor Patrick White, Professor Hilary Pinnock and Professor Steph Taylor.

Sharing ideas and resources

To further facilitate the sharing of ideas, resources and issues PCRS-UK has created an email group and an SMS e-group for research-interested members to share relevant texts and stay in touch with each other.  If you wish to join the Research Network SMS group please contact us HERE.  If you have any news you wish to share with your fellow respiratory researchers please contact us HERE and subject to approval we will circulate the news to members of the email group.

We are also hoping to develop a forum for researchers to list their particular research interests and share profiles.

At-Risk Registers Integrated into primary care to Stop Asthma crises in the UK

We invite your practice to participate in ARRISA-UK - an NIHR-funded UK-wide research study to reduce the occurrence of severe asthma related events.

This study is designed to reducing the rates of unplanned admissions and improve general asthma care.  All research costs are paid. The Arrisa-UK team will support you in developing your asthma risk register and provide eLearning training to facilitate the care of asthma patients throughout your practice.

The attached flier provides more information alternatively you can click here to register by completing a short questionnaire.