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Inspiring best practice in respiratory care

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PCRS Respiratory Leaders Programme

Testimonials from the 2019 November PCRS Respiratory Leadership workshop

“What a great programme! Having taken on an exciting new role this year I had been feeling a little unsure about my professional identity so I was delighted that I was able to attend this respiratory leaders programme workshop. The event surpassed my expectation, I knew the content would be good and would be delivered by experienced professionals who have a real passion for improving respiratory care and professional development.  What I hadn't expected was to have quite as many inspirational moments relating to the impact of my own personal effectiveness, not only within the leadership concept but also in managing the complex everyday environment we work and live in. I came away with a greater feeling of focus, direction and effectiveness. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of a PCRS community again. Great networking too.”

“Having done a lot of leadership and management in the past I didn’t expect to learn many new things. How wrong I was! I was very impressed by how practical the sessions were - everything taught is directly useful and what an inclusive and friendly learning environment! I really cannot overstate how useful and enjoyable I found this and I have signed up for the next one already.”

“I was initially apprehensive about attending the workshop but the fantastic speakers/facilitators quickly made me feel at ease and welcomed.”

“A great group of people made the whole experience enjoyable. It was engaging and inspiring. I learned lots of new skills to take back to the workplace.”

“An excellent weekend – I came away feeling very positive about the materials we had covered. It felt so fortunate to have Catherine Blackaby's phenomenal expertise and knowledge available to us, I could have listened to her all day, she has such a great way of imparting information.”

“An inspiring two days. Thank you!

“An engaging workshop with a lot of expertise. I have learnt a lot from delegates and speakers.”

“Really enjoyed the interactive elements of the programme. I like the table formation and the facilitators. It is inspiring to be in the company of like-minded people trying to make a difference to people’s lives.”

“Thank you for an excellent well organised interactive, empowering and inspiring leadership workshop. I am glad I attended.”

“I really enjoyed my first clinical leadership programme weekend. Everyone was very welcoming, it was a relaxed environment and the networking and table discussions was very valuable. I have left with a clearer vision of how to approach some plans/thoughts of change in my service.”

“Thank you again for a well thought out and delivered programme, this is definitely having a positive impact on my work within respiratory and developing my ability to lead the service as well.”

“The session incentivised me to attend the next one, work permitting I will be booking soon.”

“This workshop developed my confidence that every member of the team can be involved in leading positive changes in practice - including me! I now feel more equipped with the tools I need to try out some quality improvements across the various GP practices I work in. I came away with a much clearer sense of what I would like to change and the confidence to give it a go!”

“Excellent opportunity to look at ways to improve respiratory care with clinicians who have an invaluable amount of knowledge and experience. A great platform to share ideas in a relaxed learning environment.”

“Great event, managed to inspire on what appeared to be a very "heavy subject". Fascinating to see what is already being done around the country with QI (quality improvement).”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, made to feel welcome and excellent for networking. Additionally, the speakers made the topics of quality information etc. interesting and fun.  It has made me want to get going and change the world!”

“Another excellent event to get me thinking about ideas to put into practice. Very supportive environment. Something for everyone, no matter what your level of employment.”

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