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A new PCRS consensus based article offers clarity on the role of leukotriene receptor antagonists (LTRAs) as a first line add-on treatment in asthma and other controversial issues in asthma diagnosis and management.

Please sign an open letter to the next Prime Minister urging him to make lung health a national priority.

If you are interested in helping your patients to reduce over reliance on their asthma reliever inhalers take a look at the suite of new Asthma Right Care resources (ARC) developed by PCRS. The new tools will enable you to:

Expert advice on how all members of the primary are team can improve detection of patients at risk of lung cancer is set out in a new suite of articles published by PCRS.

Switching respiratory patients to alternative, greener inhalers could achieve large carbon savings and reduce drug costs by using less expensive brands, reports a new study.

Nearly one third of patients with severe asthma are taking harmful doses of oral steroids, according to a study of more than 500,000 Dutch patients presented at the European Respiratory Society International Congress.

PCRS has reiterated its support for the use of e-cigarettes as part of a treatment plan for treating tobacco dependency following reports of vaping deaths in the USA.

NICE and Public Health England have published new antimicrobial prescribing guidance on

Anne Rodman, the current longest serving member of the PCRS Conference Organising Committee (COC), will be stepping down as Co-Chair at this year’s PCRS Respiratory Conference after six years of service.

PCRS has published a new resource to help Primary Care Network clinical directors improve local respiratory services.

PCRS has published a new pragmatic guide to help clinicians identify the triggers for referral for specialist care for people with poorly controlled and severe asthma.

Children are turning their backs on smoking tobacco in significant numbers, a Government survey reveals. Only one in six children (16%) aged 11-15 admit to have ever tried smoking, a substantial decline compared to 1996 when nearly half (49%) had tried cigarettes. 

NICE has published new indicators for asthma and COPD, part of a suite of new indicators, which will inform negotiations for the 2020/21 QOF in England.

NICE has published an updated COPD guideline which makes recommendations on inhaled triple therapy, and oral corticosteroids for managing exacerbations.

BTS/SIGN has published an updated guideline on the management of asthma.