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Very Brief Advice (VBA) is our most practical tool to trigger a quit attempt, with structured behavioural support and medical treatment being the best method of quitting and ideally these are provided by stop smoking practitioners.

ASK : ADVISE : ACT Using VBA does not depend on the person's readiness to quit and you do not need to assess it before you start Very Brief Advice or VBA is a simple and

Tobacco dependency is a long-term relapsing condition that usually starts in childhood This tobacco dependency pragmatic guide is a practical, immediately implementable, evidence-based framework to enable healthcare professionals to routinely identify smokers, encourage a quit attempt a

Join Ren Lawlor (Independent Nurse Consultant and Vice-Chair of PCRS) and Steve Holmes (GP and PCRS Committee Member) as they discuss vaping and e-cigarettes.

Join Steve Holmes (GP and PCRS Committee Member) and Ren Lawlor (Independent Nurse Consultant and Vice-Chair of PCRS) who give their top tips for smoking cessation. They share their experience of supporting patients with advanced COPD and lung cancer to stop smoking.

In this new series, for both existing and non-members of PCRS, we will be briefly discussing some pertinent respiratory topics

Disposable vapes will be banned in the UK as part of ambitious government plans to tackle the rise in youth vaping and protect children’s health, the Prime Minister has announced today (29 January

PCRS believe that it is the responsibility of every healthcare professional to treat tobacco dependency systematically and effectively. PCRS advocate that people wishing to quit using tobacco should be offered the most effective but also the least harmful methods first to support a quit attempt.

This week the BBC reported on the results of laboratory tests conducted on vapes confiscated from a school in Kidderminster.

Vaping can successfully help people address their tobacco dependence and reduce the long-term threats to their health from tobacco use.

There is still no sign of varenicline (Champix), a medication that can reduce nicotine cravings and help people quit smoking, 18 months after its approval was withdrawn in the UK due to concerns about impurities.

This week the Health Minister Neil O’Brien announced the formation of a new “illicit vapes enforcement squad” – led by Trading Standards and backed by £3 million of government funding to tackle rising levels of youth vaping.

Can Only Plan Daily - COPD is a serious disease needing the right diagnosis and treatment with the person’s need sitting front and centre.

This 'Get Winter Wrapped' issue focuses on the twin challenges of winter pressures and coping with COVID-19.  

Supply disruption of varenicline has been on going since October 2021 because of the presence of nitrosamines above acceptable level of daily intake. There is still no certainty when varenicline will return.