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Note: 10 practices = approx. 100,000 population

Patients with respiratory disease deserve care that is standardised, patient focussed and delivered by a healthcare professional with suitable training and experience, in a site and timeframe to meet their needs. Sadly, this is often not the case. 

The Respiratory Service Framework (RSF) seeks to demonstrate what excellence is – and how it may be delivered at a population level and across the patient pathway.  It will help those seeking to design a patient focussed respiratory service working across all sectors of out of hospital care.  It is applicable to those delivering care at PCN or ICS level. 

It builds on the work previously undertaken by PCRS to develop a series of care standards for GP practices as part of its Quality Award programme.

Chiesi Limited have supported different aspects of this project by either a benefit-in-kind or an arm's length grant.