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Asthma campaign

PCRS is supporting the AskAboutAsthma campaign run by the Healthy London Partnership to coincide with the start of the new school year.

The campaign is calling for each child or young person with asthma 

The campaign is additionally, encouraging implementation of the London asthma ambitions and The London asthma standards for children and young people

It is also asking organisations to support the London Mayors Air Quality strategy by implementing simple things such as walking / taking transport to appointments or work and reduction of idling of engines. 

You can update your asthma knowledge and skills at the PCRS annual conference later this month.  There will be a plenary session with PCRS education lead Steve Holmes talking about SABA overuse and overprescribing, John Haughney, GP, researcher and respiratory expert, discussing ICS underuse and failure to persuade people to use them and integrated respiratory care physician and PCRS Executive Committee member Vince Mak talking about real world issues in asthma management.

Another clinical session will ask what is slowing our progress in improving asthma care. Two sponsored plenaries will address topical clinical issues round asthma care.

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