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Coronavirus advice for at risk respiratory patients


As the number of coronavirus cases rises in the UK PCRS is advising primary care teams to ensure that at-risk respiratory patients are aware of everything they can do to protect themselves.

In particular healthcare professionals should also ensure that patients’ self management plans are up to date so that they know what to do if they have an exacerbation.

It is also  a good opportunity to encourage people to quit smoking as this reduces the risk of complications from Covid 19.  There is advice on instigating a quit attempt in the PCRS Tobacco Dependency Guide.

Carol Stonham, PCRS Executive Chair says ‘As we move towards what will be a time of increased activity we need not only to be looking out for vulnerable patients but taking some time to look after ourselves and our teams too. When we are working flat out covering for colleagues who are unwell the thing that slips is self care and team morale. We know what we should do and make sure our patients are doing. Be sure to take your own good advice.’

Guidance from the UK's public health bodies is available on the following links:

Health advice for people with lung conditions: