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🔴 This is an archived resource.

This resource has not been reviewed within the last three years to reflect up to date clinical guidelines and should be referenced with care.

PCRS Pragmatic Guidance for crisis management of asthma and COPD during the UK COVID-19 epidemic

We have issued pragmatic guidance for the routine and crisis management of patients with asthma and COPD during the UK Covid-19 epidemic. The guide has been written to response to the questions that primary care colleagues are now asking, particularly around steroid use as Covid-19 cases continue to rise.

Now, more than ever, it is essential we ensure patients with asthma and COPD are managed according to the latest clinical guidance. The pragmatic guidance on this topic will be continuously reviewed and updated as the situation in the UK evolves and our knowledge and understanding of this global pandemic increases. We welcome feedback on what we are saying as we rely on our wider community to keep our opinion current and relevant.

Date of Preparation: 30th March 2020