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Online Asthma Slide Rule

The asthma slide rule helps to start a conversation with your patients and/or colleagues around how much salbutamol is acceptable before a review is necessary

Please read the guidance notes which provide potential steps and questions to ask when using the Asthma Slide Rule.

Watch PCRS member Darush Attar in this video using the ARC slide rule during the UK pilot project. 

Hard copies of the ARC slide rule are freely available from AstraZeneca. Please contact either your local representative or the Medical Information Department (telephone 0800 7830033 or email or complete this form to request copies). 

The Asthma Right Care initiative was originated by the IPCRG with funding from AstraZeneca internationally. The adaptation of materials by PCRS for use in the UK has been funded by AstraZeneca UK Limited.

PCRS is grateful to Trudell Medical UK Limited for their support of the Asthma Right Care programme in 2022. The sponsor has had no input into the content.