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PCRS welcomes the opportunity that digital respiratory healthcare and the collection and analysis of respiratory data could bring.

There is a strong commitment from the British Thoracic Society (BTS) and Primary Care Respiratory Society (PCRS) to identify opportunities to support those delivering integrated respiratory care and showcase that planned, properly funded, and evaluated integrated solutions can be used to drive im

Tackling smoking, reducing air pollution, improving access to healthcare for those experiencing health inequality and an improved focus on research and development to fit the needs of people experiencing health inequality should be the priorities for systems wanting to make respiratory health out

Spirometry is a component of the diagnosis and management of respiratory conditions in primary care and should ideally be performed via referral to a primary care network respiratory diagnostic service or community diagnostics centre (CDC) with expertise in the diagnosis of the most common respir

Primary care should seek to identify and provide proactive support to older people living with frailty.

PCRS believe that it is the responsibility of every healthcare professional to treat tobacco dependency systematically and effectively. PCRS advocate that people wishing to quit using tobacco should be offered the most effective but also the least harmful methods first to support a quit attempt.

PCRS recognises a need for improvement in the timely diagnosis of people living with chronic breathlessness and generally welcomes the NHS England diagnostic pathway support tool. PCRS has some concerns that a diagnostic algorithm can communicate an oversimplification of diagnosis.

Concerns about the environmental impact of the propellant gases used in pressurised metered dose inhalers (pMDIs) and the plastics used in all single-use inhaler devices have made them an important focus for efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the NHS.

PCRS advocate a pragmatic approach to the pharmacological management of patients with COPD guided by the predominance of breathlessness and/or exacerbations and the presence or absence of comorbid asthma.

PCRS have today issued a position statement on strategies to care for patients with respiratory disease and frailty in the community setting.

Spirometry, a test used to measure and monitor lung function, is an important component of the diagnosis, management and monitoring of respiratory conditions in primary care.

This document represents a draft White Paper focused on achieving Greener Respiratory Healthcare that is kinder to the environment. At this time we are inviting review and comment from the PCRS membership. When reviewing the document please consider:

PCRS support initiatives to improve air quality and minimise short- and long-term damage to the environment, particularly those with an impact on climate change resulting from greenhouse gases.

PCRS supports the UK National Screening Committee’s recommendation that people at high risk of lung cancer have screening and encourage the committee to ensure that the screening programme maximises opportunities for diagnosis of lung disease beyond lung cancer and to ensure ongoing provision of