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Type: Clinical resource or information, PCRU Clinical Area: Allergy, Asthma Status: Current

There are various forms of rhinitis, which is defined as inflammation of the nasal mucosa and can be due to various causes such as an allergen, infection, vaso-motor abnormality (caused by an irritant). The condition may also involve the sinuses and is known as rhino-sinusitis. 

Type: PCRU Clinical Area: Allergy, Asthma, Respiratory tests and investigations Status: Current

This edition of PCRU features guest editor Nicola Strandring-Brown, a primary care nurse working in South Yorkshire and PCRS Committee Member.

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Type: Clinical resource or information Clinical Area: Greener Healthcare Status: Current

The PCRS Greener Respiratory Healthcare Quality Improvement (QI) toolkit has been developed to support HCPs working in the primary care setting to understand and evaluate the environmental impact of their clinical practice, identify ways to reduce this impact, set goals and priorities and evaluate progress. The toolkit has been designed around the PCRS Greener Respiratory Healthcare Pathway which signposts the user to a curated suite of resources and materials to guide and support HCPs in their journey towards sustainable respiratory healthcare.

In this article produced for Practice Nurse, author, PCRS Chair, Carol Stonham, describes FeNO testing and its role in diagnosing respiratory disease.  She discusses the advantages and limitations of this test. 

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Type: Clinical resource or information, PCRU Clinical Area: Asthma, COPD, COVID-19 Status: Current

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Type: PCRU Clinical Area: Asthma, COVID-19, Other Status: Current

This edition of PCRU features the final editor's round up from Dr Iain Small, who has expertly lead our newsletter for many years. Check out Katherine Hickman’s superb asthma building blocks – get those right and your asthma care would be unarguably better and more worthwhile. The piece dovetails beautifully with Frances Barrett’s item, which, for those of you, like me, who want to see the picture as well as the words, adds value to our learning process. Linked again (can you see what we did here) is Georgie Herskovits’ piece on asthma in schools.

Time to review: 1 hour

This webinar is designed to encourage & enable health care professionals address behavioural issues they face when delivering health care for their patients.

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Type: Peer Support Network information, Videos / Webinars Clinical Area: Other Status: Current

In the final Peer Support Network webinar of this series, Carol Stonham will discuss considerations when planning meetings, tips for engaging those that attend during online or attended meetings, and maintaining interest and enthusiasm between meetings. It will help in attracting and retaining other health care team members in your network and help to rejuvenate your group.