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In this article, Katherine discusses how small changes can have big impacts on creating new habits and supporting health.

In this episode we hear from Dr Aarti Bansal about the importance of delivering greener kinder respiratory health with PCRS Executive Chair, Katherine Hickman. Aarti explains how she communicates the importance of sustainable practices to her patients.

Quality Improvement (QI) helps us identify what works well and where we can make changes. In primary care, we don't have time or resources to spend on things that don't work, don't serve our patients, and that could be done more efficiently or effectively.

This issue of PCRU introduces our latest pragmatic guide on severe asthma which guides you through this process ensuring the right patients end up in the right place with the right care.

Digital health has come to the fore with the COVID pandemic. Some apps and digital strategies are welcome and we wish we had adopted them years ago – other initiatives are not so effective and we have concerns about how they will affect the healthcare we provide.