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Viv Marsh (Asthma Nurse Specialist) is joined by Amanda Roberts (PCRS Patient Reference Group and PCRS Education Committee Patient Representative) to discuss all things Asthma Action Plans in this episode of the PCRS Podcast.

In this PCRS Podcast episode, Carol Stonham (Primary Care Nurse and PCRS Policy Lead) is in conversation with Amanda Roberts (PCRS Patient Reference Group and PCRS Education Committee Patient Representative) to delve into the positive and negative aspects of Amanda's asthma reviews of the past, d

In the final podcast of the PCRS One Airway, One disease series we focus on the treatment of allergic rhinitis and real-life application using British and European guidelines.

The second episode in our PCRS One Airway, One Disease Podcast series is hosted by Ren Lawlor (Advanced Nurse Practitioner, London) who is joined by Katherine Hickman (GP, Bradford) to discuss the differential diagnosis, identification, and recognition of allergic rhinitis with real life applicat

In this first episode of our PCRS One Airway, One Disease Podcasts Series, we are joined by Dr Steve Holmes (GP, Somerset) and Frances Barrett (Respiratory Nurse Specialist, NI) who discuss the prevalence, pathology, and the significance in treating patients with Allergic Rhinitis.

In this PCRS Podcast Dr Steve Holmes (GP and PCRS Executive Committee Member) is joined by Dr Robina Coker (Consultant & Honorary Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine at Hammersmith Hospital and Imperial College London, and Clinical Director of the NationaI Institute of Health Research (NI

To mark World COPD Day we have recorded a special podcast exploring the topic of Exacerbations in COPD. Featuring Dr.

This is the first time Darush has met Nicky to undertake an annual review during which he identifies that Nicky's asthma has deteriorated in recent weeks.  Using some of the PCRS Asthma Right Care resources he explores her symptoms and possible over-reliance on SABA.

Professor James Chalmers (British Lung Foundation Chair of Respiratory Research, University of Dundee) joins Dr Fiona Mosgrove (GP and Senior Clinical Lecturer with the General Practice team at the University of Aberdeen) for this latest PCRS podcast to discuss the diagnosis and management of bro

In this episode specialist respiratory nurses Viv Marsh (Paediatric Asthma Nurse Specialist, Dudley, West Midlands), Rebecca Bryson (Children's Respiratory Nurse specialising in Asthma and Allergy, Arrowe Park Teaching Hospital, The Wirral) and Lesley Kennedy (Asthma and Allergy Nurse Specia

Jane Scullion (Respiratory Nurse Consultant, University Hospitals of Leicester) joins Dr Steve Holmes (General Practitioner, Somerset) to discuss Post COVID Syndrome, its symptoms,  diagnosis and management in this latest episode of the PCRS podcast.

Jane Scullion and Dr Steve Holmes return to discuss the topic of shielding and whether its legacy has been predictable and the longer term impact of deconditioning on respiratory health.

In this short episode Jane Scullion and Dr Steve Holmes discuss the use of rescue packs in asthma and COPD.  They challenge current views and perceptions on the use of rescue packs and explore the evidence around their use.  

Dr Steve Holmes and Jane Scullion discuss the  challenges of diagnosing COPD in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic. How can we best pick up those patients who have developed COPD, should we be using spirometry? Grab a coffee, put your feet up and listen in.

In this short podcast Dr Steve Holmes and Jane Scullion discuss risk stratification in asthma management and explore how it can help identify asthma patients most at risk of a life-threatening asthma event. They explore what data to extract to help identify these patients.