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For a year from early March UKHACC Director Nicky Philpott will be seconded to the Greener NHS team, which is working to deliver NHS England’s target to become carbon-neutral by 2040. During this time the Alliance will appoint another director to lead their work.

While the focus of primary care services is rightly on the delivery of Covid-19 vaccinations it’s important we don’t lose sight of our longer term ambitions for improving the nations lung health.

The start of a new year is an ideal time to support patients to consider small ways to begin working towards a healthy lifestyle.

PCRS is proud to be a part of the latest edition of the Respiratory Health Campaign developed by Media Planet in partnership with IPCRG, British Lung Foundation, Asthma UK, and Global Action Plan.

NCSCT and Public Helth England have announced the resumption of face-to-face stop smoking consultations and carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring. CO monitoring is a valuable motivational tool for smokers.

PCRS has produced a new position statement on spirometry.  In the statement we discuss who should undertake and interpret spirometry and when it should be undertaken, specifically in light in COVID-19 restrictions.  The statement also references primary care network diagnostic hubs.

PCRS is calling today (18th November 2020) for action to promote greener healthcare that is kinder to the environment and in turn helps patients who live with COPD to live well.

The PCRS Patient Reference Group is an advisory group responsible for providing independent advice and feedback to executive and trustees on how well the Society is performing in relation to the following objectives:

PCRS welcomes the NHS commitment to becoming net carbon zero by 2040 as set out in the report “Delivering a Net Zero Health Service” (released today 1 October 2020).

Greener respiratory healthcare puts patients at the heart of the system Holistic care that puts patients at the heart of systems and decision-making processes so that they are more likely to adhere to appointments, self-care and prescribed medicines is key to achieving greener respirato

Greener respiratory healthcare: where do we go now as the inhaler recycling schemes comes to an end? There is an urgent need for a national strategy to avoid the estimated 73 million respiratory inhalers prescribed each year from entering landfill, concluded participants at the PCRS Gre

A new study published in The Advances in Therapy journal, using real world-data confirms a link between over-reliance on SABA inhalers and an increase in asthma exacerbations and asthma-related healthcare utilisation

Concerned about diagnosing patients presenting with respiratory symptoms? Help is at hand. PCRS have now issued a position statement and recommendations for clinicians on the diagnostic work up of patients presenting with respiratory symptoms while Covid-19 remains in active circulation.